1. What is JARING webmail?

    JARING webmail is a web-browser-based e-mail email application that can be used by users to read their JARING’s POP
    email account.

  2. What is the difference between JARING webmail and POP/IMAP mail

    JARING webmail allows you to read and send mail over the web rather than using a separate client, such as Eudora or Netscape. This will allow you to read your mail from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

  3. How do I configure JARING webmail?

    You do not need any configuration because it is just another facility to view your email.

  4. How do I use WebMail?

    When you first visit the webmail program, you will prompted by a login. All you need to do is log in, using your JARING account and key in your password. The webmail will do the rest.

  5. Where can I use JARING webmail?

    The basic reason for JARING to provide this service is to allow JARING users to read their JARING e-mails independently on their desktop location. In this sense, JARING users could use JARING webmail to retrieve and send emails anywhere providing they have an internet access and web browser.

  6. I am a Macintosh user, can I use JARING webmail?

    Yes, indeed. Since JARING webmail is a web-based application, it is hardware and OS (Operating System) independent.

  7. What kind of browsers can I use for JARING webmail?

    Basically, any GUI (Graphical User Interface) based browsers is applicable to JARING webmail. However, due to some functionalities in the software, you need to make sure the browser can support Javascript.

  8. Is JARING webmail using https?

    Yes. Only during authentication, when sending e-mail address and password to the webmail server.

  9. Do I need to register new email account just for JARING webmail?

    No. The purpose of JARING webmail is to allow JARING users to read and send emails from the email account they get when they first registered their dial-up account.

  10. Can I still use e-mail client like Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger besides JARING webmail?

    Yes. In fact, you can keep switching from the normal e-mail client and JARING webmail back and forth on reading your email. However, it will require the user to have very good e-mail management.

  11. I got an empty inbox when I opened my JARING webmail after opening my email client. Why?

    JARING webmail will only retrieved emails that left in your mailbox at your POP server. Most of the time, when you use actual email client on your PC, it will load your emails from the server and left nothing behind. To get around with this problem, select the left messages on server in your email client.

  12. What are JARING email accounts that applicable to JARING webmail?
  13. Listed below are email accounts applicable to JARING webmail :

    a. Personal Account :

    b. Organisation Account :

    1. @po.jaring.my
    2. @top.net.my
    3. @the.net.my
    4. company POP email account of @companyname.com.my for virtual server customers.


  14. I entered my email’s userid and password correctly but I was denied to enter JARING webmail, why?
  15. Due to some technical reason, the user needs to enter their full email address instead of just the userid. For example:

E-Mail Address : johndoe@pc.jaring.my
Password : *******